So, I went to the doctor today. She gave me a green light for something that we’ve been discussing. My next stop was the book store so I could pick up a book on the subject.  Ok…nothing at that store.  Barnes and Noble will have something,  right? 
Wrong. I asked at the counter there and the girl looked for me and offered to order it. Sigh. Tell me, why is it ok for there to be fifteen shelves dedicated to diet and weight loss,  yet in a store that size, nothing for people who struggle with infertility?  Are we that backward of a society?  Heaven help us, that if someone goes looking for information on in vitro fertilization,  like I did today, and they want a book, they can find it. After four years, it’s time to speak out. It’s not right that we have to hide. We shouldn’t be pushed to get information from the Internet. Bookstores should carry information about child loss and infertility.  It happens. It sucks.  It isn’t pretty. I am finally getting to the point where I can say, you know what, I’m not hiding this. I’m not ashamed. Not everyone is as lucky to have the support that I do.   I tell you what though, there’s something wrong when the subject is just avoided.  If I sound like I’m taking it personally,  that’s because it is personal to me.