At what point do you decide to give up on a relationship with someone? At some moment you must decide that there is no longer a reason to invest in them.  Or maybe the relationship – or friendship- is one sided.  Perhaps you pour into them and get nothing in return.  Say you try and try,  but rarely if ever hear from them unless you reach out first.  When do you say, “God, I’ve had enough!”  Is it when the hurt becomes more than you can bear? After all, we are all merely humans. We all fail and let others down.  It’s part of our makeup.  Again, maybe the person doesn’t realize that they are so hurtful.  Or the whole question of “unrealistic expectations” comes into play.   I don’t think it’s unrealistic to expect “friends” to chat with each other throughout the week. It shouldn’t be one person reaching out all the time. This is just something to think about.