I’ve learned a heck of a lot during our infertility journey.  Things about myself, my family, our relationship,  beliefs, God’s love for us, and other people.  If I had to say just one thing about all of it though, it would be this.   BE THANKFUL.  Yes, be thankful that God entrusted you the privilege of caring for another human being.   Privilege—yes!
Entrusted–absolutely!!!!  I’m definitely not preaching here, because it’s something I am learning more and more all the time.  Do I sometimes wish I never had to learn these lessons? Sometimes, yes.   Most days – no. I have some days where I’m so angry that I feel like I can’t see straight, when I feel like my friends have moved on and don’t care.   After all, it isn’t their life.  Most of them don’t know what to say or do.  Thank goodness that those days are getting fewer now. The days where I’m sure of my relationship with God and others far outnumber the bad days now.  They aren’t all easy, that’s for sure, but God’s gentle whisper always drowns out Satan’s lies.